Mountain Flyer Fanny Pack Pattern

The Mountain Flyer DIY Fanny Pack pattern is a great place to start or continue your ultralight journey. The fanny pack is super light-weight and stupid simple to make. The amount of effort you put into this Fanny Pack pattern is going to return ten-fold on the trail.

This build features a simple design, utilizing only four pattern pieces. Clean lines and sexy curves give this fanny a unique aesthetic while allowing you to carry your basics on the trail. Whether a day hike or a week long excursion, we have the size for you.

If you have any questions about the Mountain Flyer Fanny Pack pattern, just ask. I'm here to help you get started on your DIY journey on the trail.

0.5L Dimensions
Width - 7"
Height - 4.5"
Depth - 1.5"

1L Dimensions
Width - 8.5"
Height - 5.25"
Depth - 2"

1.5L Dimensions
Width - 10"
Height - 6"
Depth - 2.5"