I use unique shorthand on all of my patterns. They definitely need some explaining, so here’s a glossary to get you get going on your bad ass bag making journey.

Shorthand Meaning Explanation
1 / 1 Cut Mirroring Materials Using the single pattern piece, mark and cut two pieces that mirror one another
ADHERE Apply adhesive spray Use adhesive spray to join panels
ALIGN Alignment Mark A notch on a pattern piece that respresents a static location coresponding to another static location of the pattern
BIND Apply Binding Using grosgrain, ribbon, or binding tape to cover the seam(s)
BURN Use Lighter to Burn Using a lighter burn the end of webbing or cord
BT Bartack Apply a bartack
FOLD Fold on Line Fold the material at the fold line or notch
NOTCH ALIGN Alignment Mark Where two pattern pieces align at notches determined by the pattern
RS Right Side The front side of the material
SA Seam Allowance The standard Seam Allowance used on a product (generally 3/8")
SEAM ALIGN Alignment Mark Where one pattern piece aligns to a seam of another assembly
SET Stitch with Standard Seam Allowance Stitch using the patterns standard seam allowance, unless otherwise noted
SS Stay Stitch Stitch using 1/8" or 1/4" seam allowance, so the stitch will be hidden on final assembly
TAPE Apply adhesive tape Use adhesive tape on edges to join panels
TO Turnout Inverse your materials
TS Topstitch Stitch a topstitch through all layers
TS EXT Topstitch Exterior Stitch a topstitch only going through the exterior layer
TS INT Topstitch Interior Stitch a topstitch only going through the interior layer
TURN Turn/Fold Over ie. Fold over the end of the webbing
WS Wrong Side The back side of the material